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Floor Plans
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Listed in Alphabetical Order.  Scroll down for floorplans with attached garages.

Homes with 1 or 2 car garages

Andaluz 3 Bedroom

Cabrillo 3 Bedroom
Casa Arriba 3 Bedroom

Casa Grande 3 Bedroom

Casa Lorenzo 3 Bedroom

Casa Monaco 3 Bedroom

Casa Palma 2 Bedroom

Casa Rosa 2 Bedroom

Casa Sienna 2 Bedroom

Colombia 2 Bedroom

El Doble 2 Bedroom

El Prado 3 Bedroom

La Princessa 1 Bedroom

La Reina 3 Bedroom

Malaga 2 Bedroom

Navarro 2 Bedroom

San Marco 3 Bedroom

Trinidad 2 Bedroom

Villa Francesca 2 Bedroom

Villa Fuente 2 Bedroom

Villa Lugano Center

Villa Lugano  

Villa Nova End

Villa Paraisa 3 bdm

Disclaimer: Information on this page is offered as a courtesy to our clients.  Floorplans are provided as a guideline only and may not be accurate due to misinformation, developer's discretion on final building plans, and prior owners' changes to any given residence.